Essay on British Irish And Scottish Irish

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was an attempt by the provincial council to assure itself that the foreigners would agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the English government. The oath takers disavowed any ties to other monarchs and pledged an oath of allegiance to England” (Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society). It was mentioned that when immigrants from Germany would be ported in the harbor in Philadelphia, bells would ring throughout the city, alerting citizens of immigrants to welcome and find indenture servants to fill labor needs.
Immigrations of Scottish, Irish and Scottish-Irish was very limited compared to British immigrants many could not afford the expensive trip, which resulted in Scottish immigrants becoming indentured slaves. “There was no mass movement of the Irish in the 18th century largely because Ireland was a catholic kingdom and its inhabitants were unwelcome in the protestant colonies” (Wepman, 2008 p. 40). Scottish Irish were the greatest influx into the northern colonies from the British Isles. “Their religion was viewed as heresy, and the townsfolk of Worcester burned their meeting house” (Wepman, 2008 p. 41) the colonies were unwelcoming of the new Presbyterian newcomers. Many colonies were feeling threatened or concerned with the increase of Irish immigrants one colonist felt “the confused Irish will eat us all up” (Wepman 2008 p. 41). Mobs were formed to prevent landing of immigrant ships in Boston harbors, forcing many immigrants to head north to further colonies in…

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