British Airways Mission Analysis

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Vision, Mission and Purpose of British Airways
Do you know where you are taking your business? Having a sense of vision, mission and purpose provides the underpinning for strategic direction.
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Thus the situation should be reviewed constantly as the business owner or company determine whether it has attained its maximum growth potential or highest quality?

The visions of some of
British Airways The world’s favourite airline

Primarily, the mission statement should not address what an organization must do in order to survive, but what it has chosen to do in order to thrive. It should the big and beautiful… be positive, visionary and motivating. Cadbury Schweppes
Working together to create brands people love. The Sony Spirit Sony is a trail blazer, always a seeker of the unknown. Sony will never follow old trails, yet to be trod. Through this progress Sony wants to serve mankind.

This vision focuses on employees and emphasises BA’s desire to be the world’s global airline, which in turn generated a strategy of alliances. To be feasible, it had to obtain employee support which it failed to do.

A good mission statement has five characteristics
1. It will contain
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The hot summer weather and the London Underground strikes were blamed for falling sales. Increasing interest rates caused additional financial problems. Moreover, Sock Shop expanded into the USA and this had proved costly. However, in February 1990 Sock Shop founder, Sophie Mirman commented: 'We provide everyday necessities in a fashionable manner…and our concept remains sound. Our merchandise continues to be not merely "lifestyle".' Sophie Mirman has since lost control of Sock Shop but her vision prevails. Read more about strategies to grow your business click here Best wishes

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