Breastfeeding : The Natural Way Of Feed Your Child Essay

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Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your child. Not only is breastfeeding the most natural way to feed your child, it also saves money because the new parents don’t need to purchase nipples and bottles to bottle feed their child. Also, they get a better bond with the baby by breastfeeding, by getting that skin to skin touch often throughout the day. Breastfeeding a child can help them with their intelligence when they get older and because they were breastfed, they at a reduced risk of being overweight, getting diabetes, high cholesterol, and diseases like Hodgkin’s, leukemia and lymphoma.
Not only is breastfeeding helping the mother bond with her baby more than anyone else gets to, the baby is a much healthier baby than those who are formula fed. Breast milk has a great mixture of vitamins, protein and fat. Even though breastfeeding has the balance of nutrients for a baby and their immune system, the mother’s breastmilk might not give the baby the right amount of vitamin D a baby needs, many doctors prescribe vitamin D supplements if the baby is just on breastmilk (Mayo Clinic , 2015). Also, breast milk is easier for babies to digest, which makes for few ear infections, respiratory sickness, and diarrhea. (WebMD, 2016) Not only is breastmilk easier for the baby to digest, but research shows that a breastfed baby can achieve more in life the longer the mother decides to breastfeed the baby. In Brazil, researchers followed about 6,000 babies to get the full effect…

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