Breastfeeding Of Breastfeeding : Bottle Feeding Essay

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In today’s society, there has been an ongoing controversy towards breastfeeding verses bottle feeding. Acker (2009) reports that, through recent public health efforts contemporary mothers in the United States have learned the slogan “Breast is Best.” A preponderance of medical literature finds that breastfeeding is a cost-effective way to improve the health of infants and children. These beliefs have also lead to some believing; everyone knows that breastfeeding is the only way to feed an infant. Imagine you are a mother of a newborn (or maybe you are) and you have planned to breastfeed. Once you begin to breastfeed, you learn that your child will not latch and you cannot produce enough milk, therefore you are forced to feed your newborn with formula. Knowing why a person is using or chooses to use formula to feed is important in preventing an incorrect judgement. There are several acceptable ways to provide the needed nutrients to a newborn; common feeding options include breastfeeding, formula, and/or both. The statement, everyone knows that breastfeeding is the only way to feed an infant, is therefore, considered to be a flawed statement, as it is not the only way to feed an infant, yet it is possible that it may be the most beneficial option.
Health Inequalities and Breastfeeding in the United States of America. (2016), reports that breastfeeding is the best nutritional option for an infant and provides health benefits to both mother and child. Increasing…

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