Breastfeeding Is The Best Way Of Feeding Babies Essay

1848 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
In the past mothers depend greatly on breastmilk as the best way of feeding babies. With the advancement in technology and daily hassles, mothers turn to either breastfeed for a couple of months, then formula feed their babies. Every mother has the right to decide whether to breastfeed or bottle feed, this personal right will be supported no matter the decision. However, exclusive breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can give to her baby for the first six month of the baby’s life. This is because as a baby grows, he or she acquire a lifelong benefit from breastfeeding exclusively. New mothers should have all the avenue which supports them to breastfeed whiles continuing mothers be encourage to exclusively breastfeed up to six month before the introduction of solids. This is because well breastfed babies have resistance to disease, thus limit the number of times a mother visit the hospital with a sick baby, breastfeeding saves money, and brings love and good health to family.
According to World Health Organization, (WHO), “exclusive breastfeeding means that the infants receive only breastmilk. No other liquids or solids are given – not even water-with the exception of oral rehydration solution, or drops/syrups of vitamins, minerals or medicines”. Breastfed babies have resistance to disease. When a baby is exclusively breastfed for six month, they develop strong immunity to resist diseases such as otitis media (ear infection), obesity, diabetes, and diarrhea, just to…

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