Breast Cancer Nigeria Case Study

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Now that you have seen the high standards that the US presents, it is important to look at the standards Nigeria has when dealing with breast cancer. Nigerian health care systems are extremely under educated, which are a major reason why Nigeria is so far behind the US in standards. In 2000, there was a study conducted on nurses that worked with breast cancer patients in general hospitals in Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to discover how educated the nurses were. The study revealed some frightening news, of the 204 nurses that participated in the study; only 60-75% of the nurses knew the true symptoms of breast cancer. Some other alarming information is that most nurses did not know how dangerous breast cancer is for women. Only 47.5 % of the nurses …show more content…
Curb Cancer Nigeria is individuals who go around the country and find out basic knowledge about different types of cancer. They went around to random females on the street and asked them common questions about breast cancer. This gave me real peoples opinions from Nigeria even though I am how many thousands of miles away. One detail I learned from this video was that it is necessary to go to a medical facility as soon as possible due to minimal breast cancer treatments available and high death rates in Nigeria (Curb Cancer Nigeria). The individuals that do not go to a medical facility right away have their chances of defeating breast cancer drastically lowered because of a lack of advanced treatment and proper facilities. Also, I noticed a lack of consistent knowledge throughout all the individuals that were interviewed. One individual said, “I don’t know much about breast cancer.” While another individual said, “umm I think it affects women?” (Curb Cancer Nigeria) Both of these individuals are drastically deprived in knowledge of this disease, and what it can do to women. These quotes just solidify how badly Nigeria is

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