Breaking Up With Dad, By Disney World, Universal Studios, And Seaworld

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Breaking Up With Dad There are three places in the world that every child dreams of going to in Orlando, Florida: Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. All of these places are “supposed” to be the very epitome and definition of the word fun. There are few things that can taint these dreamlands, one of them being war. Not one filled with the deafening sounds of gunfire and the all-consuming chaos that is a battlefield, but an emotional one. One filled with the deafening sounds of silence and a palpable tension in the air. This was a war. Two sides, two people, two ideals, with each fighting for control. A father and a daughter were going head to head and they both wanted something out of each other. The daughter wanted her voice to be heard and her father wanted to suppress it. This was the final battle and if you had ever told me before that I had the strength to stand up to my father by myself, I wouldn’t have believed you. At thirteen years old, I had suited up and I was ready, ready to define how I would be treated and ensure that the boundaries I set and the walls I built remained intact; little did I know just how hard the fight would be. Thursday, July 31st, 2012 was a hot and humid day. When you walked outside, you felt the sun sear your skin and your eyes hurt to even think about looking at the sky. The car was cold. The air conditioner was blowing air so cold I had little goosebumps on my arms. The air was full of tension. It the stifling and suppressing…

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