Essay on Breaking Down The First Option

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Breaking down the first option and taking a closer look at it, the first thing that comes to mind is cons for this scenario. By not telling anyone and “sweeping it under the rug” it may re-enforce the attitude that it was not a big deal and if something like this happens again in the future it does not need to be reported. Secondly, by not doing anything about the mishap it could be setting somebody up for the same trap in the future. Maybe the employee missed turning the pump on because of a procedural error in the plants start up procedures or another reason could be there is a lack of training in how important the correct steps are done in the correct order. Without ever investigating what happened, it may set other employees up to fall into this potential dangerous and life threating issue. One of the plus sides of just disregarding the mishap is there would be no paperwork to fill out in terms of having to fill a safety incident report out hence, less work on the supervisor. Another plus may be the employee would never receive an unfavorable discipline and would continue to remain one of the higher performing employees within the plant. The second option, sitting the employee down and having a counseling session on proper procedures for startup, which would also have a local record of the counseling session in the supervisor’s office, would have several pros and cons. One of the cons would be similar to the first option, by not making some type of formal safety…

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