Breakfast In Norway Essay

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1. Meals: what do we eat and when?

Breakfast in Norway

The most people in Norway, for example me, eats their breakfast early in the morning at weekdays. It depends on when our school or job begins. Most of us eats breakfast very early in the morning, for example between 6-8 in the morning. Most of us in Norway like to eat healthy food for our breakfast with energy that lasts for many hours. For breakfast I for example eat yoghurt, bread with cheese, ham or jam or cereal. Marked in yellow: avoid starting your sentences with the same words and try to vary your vocabulary.

Breakfast in the UK
Many people seems to believe that a typical English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, fried bread, sausages, mushrooms and baked beans with a cup of
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But the most typical to do is to have a packed lunch brought from home. It`s very typical to have some slices of whole wheat bread with jam, cheese and ham, liver pate, fish in tomato sause and some fruit and vegetables like salad and tomatoes, It`s also common to have a cup of yoghurt.
Most of norweigans eats their lunch between 11:00 to 13:00. Most of the food we can buy at the cafeteria is cold, they cafeteria often have baguettes with salad, ham and cheese or eggs, fruit and fruit smoothies, fish cakes, vegetables soups, pizza, bun and yoghurts. As you see most of the food in the cafeteria is healthy, but we can choose between unhealthy foods as well.

Lunch in great
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The typical packed lunch often consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, fruit and a drink. Packed lunch is often kept I an plastic container. But in the schools in the UK it`s they children often get served meals from the cafeteria. The food they serve the school children often consists of chips and types of junk food, like pizza, chicken nuggets and food with much sugar and fat. This meal is called dinner and is the main meal of the day. It gets served between 12 and 1.30 pm.

Dinner in Norway
Most people in Norway have their diner between 15-17 in the weekdays. The dinner is eaten at home.
Many norweigans like to have a healthy dinner in the weekdays. The dinner often consists vegetables and salads, clean meet or fish, sauce and the dinners often consists by potatoes, pasta or rice. A normal dinner in the weekdays in Norway is forexample pasta carbonara, salma fish with vegetables and potatoes and meatballs with cranberries jam and mashed potatoes.
In the weekend like Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it`s normal to eat your dinner in front of the telly between 6-9 PM. In the weekends in Norway it`s very typical to eat food like tacos, homemade pizza and beef.

Dinner in UK
The dinner is usually called tea in the UK and it`s served between 6.30-8 in the evening. This meal is hot and usually made at home. Many people in Britain eats rice, pasta, green beans, a kind of pie, fish and chips, beef, vegetables and

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