Brand Building As A Collaborative Effort Essay

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Brand-building is increasingly a collaborative effort not only related to brand marketers (Keller 2013). It is believed that customers are truly in charge of the brand, any new marketing strategies should be carried out from customers’ perspective. In other words, it is whether customers will accurately response to marketing activities and refresh their brand knowledge in the expected way that matters. For the future five years MYER’s brand management, proactive recommendations are designed to maintain and enhance MYER’s customer-based brand equity over time.
5.1 Consistency between CBBE and firm’s perception of brand equity
To begin with, as it is mentioned in the inventory part, “finding wonderful” was one of the firm’s primary perception of brand equity meaning from 2014. In terms of customer-based brand equity meaning, positive impression of “good atmosphere” and “various of products” is mostly in consistence with firm’s expectation. However, MYER is also labelled with “mass market” and “unfriendly staff”, which seems to be the significant breakthrough point to make progress.
5.1.1 In-store strategy - excellent display of merchandise
Excellent display of merchandise would be not only attractive to customers’ attention, but also convenient for staff to manage and introduce products. “Mass market” proximately results from the continuously increasing number of brands in MYER. Due to the limitation of space, crowded brands and products would result in more customers’…

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