Brand Association Case Study

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Brand Association
Brand association is a major determining factor when it comes to consumer buying behavior. John et al. (2006) suggested that brand association defines the decision making pattern of the consumers. It has been deduced by Huang and Sarigöllü (2014) that brand association is developed among those consumers who have complete awareness about the brands. They deduced in their sudy that brand association cannot be devloped without brand awareness. Therefore it can be deduced that a positive relationship exists between brand awareness and brand association.
It has further been deduced that customer past experience with the brand also plays an integral role in affecting its level of brand association. When the consumers have a delightful
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It forms the base of consumer purchase decision as when the consumers are not aware of a certain brand and its existence they cannot make a purchase. Therefore, proper information about a brand and its products is mandatory for its success.

Russell and Belch (2005) proposed that product placement is extremely important when it comes to brand awareness. He porposed that brand awareness can be increased through effective product placement. Balasubramanian et al. (2006) further suggested that brand awareness is actually the product of brand exposure. Therefore, product placement is extremely important as it increases brand exposure. Reijmersdal et al. (2010) suggested that product placement is considered to be a major marketing strategy used by the marketers to alter consumer buying behavior in a favorable manner. They proposed that consumers try to gain more knowledge about those products which are placed in front of their eyes and for which they do not have to look here and there (Law and Braun, 2000). Therefore, in an indirect manner it can be deduced that product placement also has a strong impact on the success of a product especially a new
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When the consumers are well aware about a brand they tedn to remember it. But when they lack awareness about it then they tend to forget it easily. When the consumers are well aware of the bebefits and uses of a certain brand then they remember it while making a purchase. But if they lack basic awareness then they would not even consider the brand while making a purchase (Law and Braun, 2000). Thus it can be deduced that there is a direct and very strong connection between brand awareness and brand recognition. When the consumers are aware of the existence of a brand they are more likley to recogize

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