Analyzing Consumers Purchase Decisions

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Consumers’ purchase decision can be influenced if a product has higher brand awareness (Dodds, Monroe, & Grewal, 1991; Grewal, Monroe & Krishnan, 1998). Macdonald and Sharp (2000) mention that even though consumers familiarize and are willing to purchase a product, brand awareness is still an important factor to influence purchase decision. When consumers want to buy a product, and a brand name can come to their minds at once, it reflects that product has higher brand awareness. Moreover, Brand awareness plays an important role on purchase intention because consumers tend to buy a familiar and well known product (Keller, 1993; Macdonald & Sharp,2000). A product with a high level of brand awareness will receive higher consumer preferences because …show more content…
According to the Gustafson & Chabot, 2007, the brand awareness will be success if the product of organization have a good reputation in the market and easy to perceive by customer. Stokes, 1985 state that brand awareness can build a good memory about a particular brand. It means that the brands always on the top of peoples mind. Brand awareness have a variety of importance to the organization. According to Aaker D, 1996, people's mind can be evaluate at various stages likes recognition, recall, top of mind, brand dominance which is they only call that particular brand and brand knowledge is what brand means to customer. Percy 1987, the communication and transaction will not happen if there is no brand awareness. The author want to emphasize that when organization do not have a good communication with internal and external members, they are unable to create a brand awareness. In fact, the transaction also will not exist in their organization. Brand awareness should be a crucial target of the marketing communications efforts of organization or company as it have a number of important aspects. Brand attitude and brand image cannot be exist if brand awareness is not occurred. Marketing Bulletin, 2003, 14, Article 2 Reprinted from Marketing Research On-Line, 1996, 1, 1-15 Page 3 of 11, brand awareness not only help to determine which brand is chosen

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