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MUSIC BRAND ANALYSIS (worth 50% of overall module mark)

School: Media, Culture and Society
Module: Identity, Opportunity & Exploitation / MUSC10007 CRN600
Year: 4
Semester: 2
Due: 03 April 2015
Assessment Description:

For this assessment you are required to write a brand analysis for a music brand of your choice. Choices must be submitted to and approved by the lecturer via email NO LATER THAN 5PM 04 MARCH 2015. If you have not submitted a brand for approval by this deadline, the mark for your brand analysis assessment will be reduced by 5 points.

A music brand can be any of the following: • An artist (e.g., Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones) • A record label (e.g., Ministry of
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How? o brand narrative and brand context: What story does your brand communicate? How? o brand style, brand tone and brand naming: What does your brand’s audio/visual elements say about the brand? • An Analysis of the Brand Audience, including: o Product Lifecycle (where appropriate): o Consumer/Audience profile, including demographic analysis o Competing Brands • An Analysis of the Brand Experience, including: o Retail and public spaces (where appropriate) o Product design/packaging (including album covers) o Co-branding/partnerships o Advertising • Discussion/justification/conclusion of the brand’s overall effectiveness

The brand analysis should be between 2,000-2,500 words long and MUST highlight key branding principles, present evidence of original research and include referencing and a bibliography in appropriate Harvard formatting. You should also include images and link to audio/video as appropriate to support your research.

The analysis must be typed [12pt], double-spaced with generous margins on either side and printed on one side of A4 paper. Sources must be referenced using the Harvard system. Please refer to the student handbook for further details.

• Please be advised that grammar, spelling, punctuation and especially referencing WILL COUNT as assessed elements and point deductions will be made for

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