Essay about Boys Sports : Playing On Boy Sports

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Girls have came up from low levels to have what they want and they have fought for what they want as well; so it would only be right to give girls the opportunity to play on boy sports if they want. Playing on boy sports might benefit the boys more than the girls and may even better a team that girls may play on whether its football, rugby, hockey and so forth. Girls playing on boy sports team affects not only the girl but the boys, the team, and the parent of the girl trying to fight for the right to play on a certain team. Girls in the twenty first century are allowed to join the army, vote, and many other things that guys are allowed to do; therefore, they should be allowed to play on boy sports team if they want to because it’s only right and fair to any girls that want to play.
There are several different things that people may say to avoid the fact that girls can play on any team boy or girl that they want. People (most likely coaches of male-dominated sports team or team members playing on that team) they will say she is unfit to play on the team, that she will not make up for the slack of an actual male, coaches might not let her play with the team on game days, and teammates may not even think about playing with her or any other female that may want to play on male-dominated sports. These different points will make or break a female player trying out for a male-dominated team, the coaches will push away a female player and bring a male player in her place before…

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