Boy Scout Journey

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This whole journey started back in October of 2006, when I first became a Cub Scout. I still remember the joy my friends and I felt when we received our first Cub Scout uniforms. We were excited for all the wonderful experiences and adventures that come with being a scout, and we couldn’t wait to join. I was ready for this journey, but I wasn’t aware of the hardships that I would have to endure. For the next 12 years, I made amazing memories, and I also learned and worked my way through challenges. Now after all of the hard work, I will be an Eagle Scout, two weeks from this date. This journey of becoming an Eagle Scout has changed my life and has made me into the person I am today by teaching me maturity, commitment, and how to be a leader …show more content…
When we went hiking, our camping leader had to watch carefully over me because I would wander off in the woods, trying to find snakes, lizards, and salamanders. I always had the urge to do something, to explore, and most of the time, that wasn’t what we were supposed to do. However, as I transitioned to a Boy Scout, I changed. I wasn’t this kid who always did his own thing, but now a teen who didn’t listen. This lasted for the first two years of being a Boy Scout, but we soon got a new leader, Travis Brown. Travis sat me down and talked to me, explaining how he was just like me as a kid, but worse. He made it clear to me that I needed to change my act soon before I got into serious trouble. And I did. I listened to others and followed my troop leaders’ orders. I was a completely different person. All of the leaders of my troop noticed, and told me how proud they were. To this day, I still get complements on how I act, and how I help the younger scouts learn to be respectful young men. Travis, my role model, taught me the importance of discipline, and helped me grow into a better person, the person I am today, and I owe my thanks to him. With these next two weeks approaching, I get more excited every day knowing I will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. This 12 year commitment was worth it all, and has forever changed my

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