Bottled Water Vs Tap Water Essays

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I. Bottled Water Vs Tap Water
1. I do think that bottled water labeling and advertising is misleading. The bottled water labels do not make it obvious that it is actually tap water and a person would need to be educated on how and where to discover how the water was bottled.
2. I knew most bottled water was tap water, but I thought that it was at least filtered water that was bottled.
It surprised me that people couldn’t tell the difference in the way the water tasted. Maybe It is because I live in Florida, but I can actually tell the difference in the taste. People have tried to trick me into drinking tap water and I can always tell which one is tap water.
3. The concentrations of pharmaceuticals are very low. It is one part per billion and is mostly safe to drink. Some of the chemicals are designed to be active at such low concentrations which can lead to complications. Fish are being inundated with chemicals from our medicines. Unfortunately, the risks are unclear so the there are no solutions to filtering the pharmaceuticals out of the water.
II. Water Safety
1. Almost half of bottled water sold in the U.S. comes from a municipal water source. It is required by law for bottling companies to divulge information on the label when water comes from a municipal water supply. The exception to this law is when bottling companies take extra steps of purifying the water. Since most do, the labels are allowed to claim "purified water" or "purified drinking water," even…

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