Essay Bottled Water, Go Away, By Isabel Johnson

892 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
I am writing in regards to a request that I analyze rhetoric used in Isabel Johnson’s article “Bottled water, go away” and whether this article should be published in the student newspaper, The Shorthorn. This article is an interesting read, especially for students that consume a lot of bottled water, and strongly discusses both sides of the argument very well throughout. It’s easy to agree that bottled water is convenient in most cases, but at the same time it can be harmful to the environment when people don’t dispose of the empty bottles in the preferred manner, which is recycling. The author uses appeals to emotion when talking about how important bottled water can be in times of natural disaster and drastic need, but also appeals to logic when talking about how there are better and cheaper alternatives to bottled water. For these reasons, I personally feel as if this articles would be very beneficial to college student and should therefore be published in The Shorthorn. Johnson begins her discussion with the fact that bottled water companies have been trying to limit the amount of plastic that’s used in the bottles, but then quickly rebuts that with the fact that “eight out of ten bottles end up in the landfill”. She is stating that although companies are trying to reduce the effect of bottles on the environment, people still aren’t recycling like they should be and therefore the reduction in plastic is almost useless. When she does this it seems as if she is…

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