Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data Essay

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First Assignment
BUS 519 - Project Risk Management
Strayer University
Dr. Shah Jamali
April of 2013

The one that I believe to be the best solution to address the issues faced by Flayton Electronics is that of James E. Lee. I would definitely use his recommendations because it shows all the key areas that are crucial in a risk response plan. Lee’s suggestions are typical of contingency planning; according to Heldman (2005), contingency planning is a form of acceptance because if the risk occurs, you are willing to accept the consequences and devise a plan to deal with those consequences. He is likely to act with urgency by pointing the affected parties, as the longer it takes for the company to do this will make then appear less
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All employees should sign a data confidentiality waiver and if they are ever found to be in breach of it, then legal action should be pursued against them.
Finally, the breach could also have been caused by the firewall that was disabled for some time and went unnoticed. I would address this problem first by firing Sergei who was responsible for making sure that the software was operational at all times and failed to address the problem with urgency or notify senior personnel of it. I would also ensure that the IT department conducts daily checks of the system to ensure that the company is protected fully from hackers. A communication system would be set up so that all daily/weekly security checks are turned in to the manager who will compile a report that will then be turned in at the end of each week to the new CIO (that will replace Sergei). This report would then be presented at the weekly meetings Brett has with his directors to keep him abreast of what is going on within the company.

In order to effectively manage the data security of Flayton’s Electronics, it should be treated like a project in itself, the personnel will consist of the staff from the IT and Security departments. Once the PM has been identified and the

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