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Notice of Cancellation – Daily Reports

Acadia – mail
Acuity – ?
Andover/Cambridge - mail
Concord – pull report * Vision – E-docs * Under Vision Form Type, select: Cancel Non-Pay and Rescind/Reinstate * Note: Be sure to change the date range to include the prior business date
Dairyland Agents – pull report * Business Network * Pending Termination Report Foremost – mail
Hanover – pull report On the home screen after logging in: * Change Transaction Type to include only: Intent to Cancel and Verification of Payment * Change Process Date to include about 1 month back
Liberty Mutual – pull report * Billing Inquiry and Payment * View Pending Cancellation and Reinstatement Activity
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Check carrier website to see if it has been paid: Yes – close activity and change policy status back to most recent service summary row, No – step 2 * Closing activity for rescind processed in carrier site, suggested verbiage: “Rescind processed in CARRIER XX/XX/XXXX, no lapse in coverage.”

2. If client has email on file, send the following email (attach to file as “NOC to NAME”):
(I prefer to click the clients email right in Epic so it automatically attaches to the file)
(If there is no email, skip to step 4)

Subject: Insurance Policy Cancellation – Policy Number
Good Morning NAME,
This is a courtesy email letting you know that your TYPE policy with INSURER is pending cancellation for DATE OF CANCELLATION. The minimum amount due is $XXX.XX. Payment must be received prior to DATE OF CANCELLATION to avoid cancellation.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
Thank you!

3. Set follow up for 2 days out, when activity comes back up in 2 days, check to see if it has been paid: Yes – close, No – step 4 *

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