Books Should Not Be Thrown Away And Be Replaced With Digital Books

826 Words Aug 15th, 2016 4 Pages
I know that trading in our paper books for digital versions will cause some problems. Paper books are easier for students; they cause no temptations, better for health, and no battery. They also the cost of the digital versions, have them on the go, easy to see in sunlight, and easy to carry around. There are so many reason why paper books should not be thrown away and be replaced with digital books and here is why.

To start with paper books are easier for students and they cause no temptations. Just like studying it is easier when you are using your hands on a paper book. Digital books will cause eye damage and could cause headaches. Using paper books will restrain from this form of damage and your brain will process the information better. Reading a paper book you won’t have any temptations to go and do something else online, but when it comes to the digital books you would be tempted. You would want to go and play a game on a website or check your social media sites to see what’s going on. On the digital books you would also get notifications and you would be tempted to go and check them, so if you use paper books there will be no distractions on anything. No one will have any difficulties seeing paper books in the sunlight. If you are using a digital device you will have some difficulties seeing the tablet, phone, or any digital device you would be using in the sun. Digital devices are not easy to carry around most are bulky equipment. Having a bulky device to read is…

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