Books Should Not Be Banned Essay

Books shouldn't be banned because it's a matter of a small group of people deciding what is right or wrong for a large group of people. Book banning is NEVER about whether or not a book's content is appropriate, well-written or has good values underneath illicit events. Book banning is about control, and who we're giving it to. Who should be in control what teenagers read, their parents or total strangers who are in control of book availability?
“ If you don't like content in a book, don't read it. If you don't want your child to read a book, take it away. But you do not have the right to decide ‘appropriateness’ for everyone.” Not many people understand that they can’t just take it away from someone who really want to read just because of their own shellfishness. Books should never be banned. We should be free to choose what to read or what not to read based on our own values and principles, NOT on the values and principles of total strangers.
“It isn’t censorship, to teach our children that they can’t trust their teachers or librarians to give them good, wholesome books. It’s just the fallout from our fractured culture, which insists on calling evil,good-and then handing it to children.” We’re suppose to trust our teachers in choosing the right book for us. But when they
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The book should not be banned because it'll limit readers choices and mind. Forcing the students to only choose books that are available to them. Banning a book is powerful it can make a whole person's life. Banning a book isn't always good it has its

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