Book Summary: Lyddie By Katherine Paterson

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Lyddie is a novel made by Katherine Paterson. In this book, a young 13-year-old girl is found taking care of her family as her father has left to chase the gold rush and her mother is mentally ill. After a bear attacks the family's cabin, it leaves no one harmed, but Lyddie's mother sees the bear as the devil, so she moves away with Lyddie's younger sisters. Leaving her and her brother Charlie alone to take care of their cabin. As time goes on she finds herself working thirteen hours a day in a fabric factory. The working conditions in the factory are hazardous to her and her co-worker’s health. I believe Lyddie should sign the petition to fix these conditions. One reason I believe Lyddie should sign the petition is because of the work …show more content…
This has personally affected her and her friend Betsy. On page 107 Amelia and Lyddie were worried because Betsy had a continuous cough and that is unhealthy to find out later that she had TB. TB also known as Tuberculosis is a contagious and possibly life threatening disease. In the book, it states “Betsy I do wish you’d see Dr. Morris about that cough. Amelia’s voice came from the next bed” After this she had to go to the hospital and had to leave the factory for a while to heal. Also, Lyddie got severely sick on page 129 it states “Her whole body was on fire. She needed a cool cloth for her head…Her fever raged, and she was out of her mind with it… she tried to stand, she fell over like a newborn calf” She got sick after what happened in the factory that she was going crazy. Also afterwards she got very weak she couldn’t stand up or do anything really. If Lyddie doesn’t sign the petition yes she might save her job but this would mean working in a bad area. She could get sick again or even get TB like Betsy. Also the factory is tiring her out and could cause possible injuries again and this time, it could be even more fatal and that she got lucky the first time. This is why I believe she should sign the petition because getting sick and getting injured isn’t worth it. Also, she is working in a dusty environment that is also crowded where diseases can be passed around easily. This is why I believe she should sign the

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