The Pros And Cons Of Lyddie

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It could be very hard choosing to sign a petition ,but you gotta do what’s best for you but also your family.In the fictional book Lyddie,by Katherine Paterson the main character Lyddie has to move away from her home.But she has to stay strong and get a job far away from her family.This novel shows what working conditions were like in factories in the 1800’s.
Lyddie has been put on a choice of signing a petition,but Lyddie should not sign this petition because this could lead to various negative effects on her life and her life at the mill.

Lyddie signing the petition might help Betsy and the others, but it might impact Lyddie in not good ways.Betsy is talking about the way the workers are going to get more money .”The harder we work,the
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She could not fall behind in her production…”pg(100). else her pay would fall behind”. Lyddie was stressing about falling behind because if she did her pay would fall behind. If lyddie does sign the petition than her hours might be shorter and Lyddie could fall behind on her work and her pay might drop. Lyddie was thinking about signing the petition for betsy and the other workers. “Maybe i could sign the cussed petition. Not for me I don’t need it but for betsy and the others”pg(113). Lyddie was thinking very hard about if she should sign the petition for the Betsy and the others because she doesn’t need it. If lyddie sign the petition it could affect her life and could get her fired even know it was for betsy and the others.Concord Corporation has speeded up the machines for the workers. ”Concord Corporation has once again speeded up the machinery”(89). The machines are moving at a higher rate of speed for workers.Signing the petition could slow down the machinery and Lyddie could get lower pay because it goes slower. These are some other reasons why signing the petition could affect Lyddie life in many negative

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