Street Smart Analysis

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Motherly Smart
Would mothers be considered book smart or street smart in "What Is Intelligence" by Isaac Asimov? Mothers can be both book and street smart because of their motherly instincts. Do mothers always know what's best because they are book smarts? Book smart in the sense that they are wise and know how to give advice and support their child. But then again, many mothers are street smart too, they know how to deal with the circumstances and the issues of the world. Street smart in the sense that they can tell who is trust worthy, they can go momma bear mode and protect their child. Mothers can be both book and street smart because of their motherly instincts.
My mother always knows what to say and when to say it. For example, my first ever crush broke my heart and guess who was there to save the day? Mom. She helped me understand there's plenty of fish in the sea. That it was going
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Mothers are street smart, that protective side is what is consider street smart, sort of like motherly instincts. You know the feeling most moms feel when they first see, hear and carry their newborn child. That love is what changes most moms and makes them protective. For example, my mom tells me stories about when I was smaller. She tells me how her experience raising me was a blessing. She once told me how I was born, how it was painless and that it was a cessation because it was hard for her to give natural birth. How I was a very long baby, which would always crack me up because I turned out to be short anyway. How I had so much hair that she just loved it, and how I looked just like my dad which she didn’t love. But every time she would tell me those stories, she would light up, you could see all the joy. That kind of love is how mothers develop their motherly instincts. How they want to protect you from anything and everything because they love you from the moment you are born or in their

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