Essay on Book Report On The Book ' Our Treasure '

2794 Words Nov 27th, 2016 12 Pages
Today, we are going to learn truths concerning a Treasure that we all have. Thanksgiving recently passed, and we were thankful for many things. What were you thankful for? I am honestly thankful for the book we have in front of us today: it is our treasure: it is how we know God. I begin today with this question, what is the primary, main, purpose of this Bible? Exactly, it is a book that mainly reveals how a loving God saved humanity. It is, as many have put it, a love letter. However, in this love letter, God uses history and mysteries to show how He loved and currently loves humanity. For example, it is a history book because it reveals stories concerning humanity and its stories. Who can tell me a story? Yes, and the first story to ever occur was creation, Genesis 1: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” This action in history occurred out of love. Imagine God not ever creating you, your parents, or any human. But, God, out of love, out of His decision and might, created humanity. God, out of love, clothed Adam and Eve with warm clothing (i.e., skin garments). In the scene of Noah, God spared humanity, yes He judged humanity by flooding the world, but He spared humanity by preserving, maintaining, keeping, the life of Noah and his family. He showed His love when He chose Abram to be a leader of a nation that would dedicate itself to worshipping God. Now, what is the nation that came from Abram? That is correct, the nation of Israel. God provided…

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