Power Of God Through Abinadi Analysis

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The Power of God Through Abinadi The story of Abinadi is one of the most intriguing lessons taught in the Book of Mormon. From teaching the priests about the ten commandments to being burned alive by the order of King Noah, Abinadi never denied the spirit nor the power of God. Throughout the few scriptures of Mosiah, we are taught detailed information from the Law of Moses, ten commandments, and Jesus Christ’s atonement and resurrection. Abinadi prophesied that Christ is both the Father and the Son; salvation does not come through the law, but through the atonement; and having eternal life is redeemed by the Lord are the doctrines that are embedded in the scriptures. Abinadi was commanded by the Lord to go and prophesy to the people about their evil doings since they have not been following the Lord and are not teaching the correct Law of Moses. He will also be prophesying to the people in anger since they have continued to do evil. The Lord then told Abinadi to say that the people will be brought unto bondage by bringing sore afflictions with famine, burdens, striking of hail, and insects devouring their food. The Lord also told Abinadi to say that King Noah will die by being burned. The only way for the people to not be destroyed is by repenting. While Abinadi was prophesying this to the people, obviously, they got angry. The people then informed …show more content…
While my family and I being taught by the missionaries in my youth, our favorite lesson was the Plan of Salvation. Memorizing that plan was a goal of mine once I was taught my first lesson about it. The Plan of Salvation changed both mine and my family lives because we can live together forever, because of Jesus Christ. About a year after my family and I were baptized, we were sealed together forever in the Salt Lake Temple. Keeping that goal to always remember the Plan of Salvation has proven bring everlasting

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