Safe Haven Character Analysis

“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They are both fruit, but taste completely different.” (Stephen King). In Nicholas Spark’s novel Safe Haven and Marty Bowen’s movie Safe haven this is the case. In this story a wife that is being abused runs away for abusive husband. Her husband, an investigator, tries to find out where she went. After finding love she starts to make a new family; however, her abuser finds out and threatens her new family. When a movie is made from a book, they are usually similar; however, movie directors try and twist the plots around.
In the beginning of the book it starts out with a mid 20 year old woman, Katie, working at a little diner in Miller’s Bay. This was a small town called Southport, most people
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Kaity applied for a job at a diner in town. She was the first new employer in over 10 years at Ivan’s. This diner was able to stay open because most of the fishermen that lived in Southport would come in for lunch to get a break from fishing. Almost every table Katie got she got asked personal information. Questions like “why is a pretty, young lady like you living here” (12)? Her word choice showed that she was hesitant and scared to talk. She would only give one to two word responses. This left the reader also all of the people that tried talking to her in suspense. Despite the way the book started out, the movie starts fin a whole different matter. In the movie it starts out at a bus station in Wilmington, North Carolina. Katie is frantically buying a bus ticket to Atlanta. Nearly 10 minutes later her abusing husband, Kevin, followed in her footsteps without knowing it. He slapped a picture of Katie on the window where she bought her bus ticket and nobody recognizing her, he tried to stop every bus that exited the port. The bus Katie was on never got stopped. Kevin stayed at the bus station till the early hours of the day. The way that Nicholas …show more content…
Every day Katie would visit the convenience store to buy supplies for her cottage. After going to the convenient store everyday, Lexie, Alex’s daughter, and Katie become friends. Everyday Alex would try and talk to Katie. On a stormy day Katie comes into the store and Lexie had drawn Katie a picture. Lexie saw that Katie had walked so she begged for her dad to drive her home. He agreed to driving her home but Katie was hesantient. She finally allowed him to drive her home. On their way home Alex talked to Katie about why she moved to Southport but got very little response. In this part of the movie Katie came into the store to buy some paint. The store didn’t sell paint, but Alex wanted to help Katie out and sold paint to her. Since they didn’t Have paint in stock they had to order it. On a sunny day, Katie came into the store to check on her paint. Lexie had drawn a picture of two seagulls and gave it to Katie when she was exiting the store. On her way home from work one day Alex popped his head out of the door of the store and told Katie her paint was ready. After picking up her aint Alex offered her a ride home she denied his offer and began to walk home. After almost 15 steps Katie stopped and looked at Alex, they both smiled and he went to his car to give her a ride home. On the way home they listened to a cd that Lexie loved. Both smiling they carried on a

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