To Kill A Mockingbird Trial Scene Analysis

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In this project I am going to focus on the “Trial Scene and its relationship to the rest of the novel in novel TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD BY HARPER LEE”. She wrote this novel in 1960. It was reached to great success and won the PULITZER PRIZE, and known as the classical novel. The plot and character are closely relate to authors family. It was based on the event that took place near her hometown when she was 10 yrs. old. The novel began during three years (1933-35) of the Great Depression in the fictional town near Maycomb, Alabama. The seat of Maycomb country. It mainly focuses on 6 year old girl Jean Louise Finch (Scout), who use to live with his father and brother Jem. Father was a aged lawyer. Jem and Scout befriend called Dill,
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People came from all over the area came to see it, on foot, by wagon, by horse. Entire families came and picnic on the courthouse lawn, and when Jem, Scout, Dill tried to get seats, they end upstairs in the balcony with the African-Americans of the community, sitting with Reverend Sykes. This shows about a great deal how Atticus has lifted his children they did not think twice before sitting with the black’s community, but it is probably siting pretty to say that most of the whites sitting below would just to avoid sitting where Scout and Jem were with blacks in …show more content…
In the above project I learnt about many social discrimination against blacks. Trial scene took lot of space in novel Harpee Lee gave a chance to da an in-depth study of environment and people. Tom Robinson's trial was the famous scenes in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" which clearly cast out the innocence, prejudice, evil and good in the society. Harper Lee through this scene tries to convey the readers about the social situation in southern states of Alabama. The novel is similar to Lee's personal life therefor she is able to write the novel in such a way she uses q literary features such as Foreshadowing, Rising Symbols ,Climax, Action, Falling Action etc. The fact that the novel sketch of her personal life that actually makes the reader believe everything is happening really. The Tom Robinson's trial is very similar to that of the Scottsboro's trial and that's how Lee is successful in writing her

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