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Harper Lee

Harper Lee was a motivational writer, who wrote about the Civil Rights Movement era and the struggles that changed how I now view those times of inequality. In this paper, I will talk about Harper’s beginning and end. I will also be talking about the journey of and what inspired her worldwide known book, To Kill a Mockingbird. (Lee-Mockingbird) Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926, in Monroeville, Alabama. Lee was the youngest of four children of Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Cunningham Finch. Her closest childhood friend and neighbor was Truman Capote, who was known as Truman Persons in the past. Unlike other girls, Lee was tougher than most boys thus she was considered to be a tomboy. However, Truman was different than boys his age and they would tease him. Since
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After graduating high school, she then attended an all-female college called Huntingdon College, which is located in Montgomery. Later on, she transferred to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. During junior year of college, she was accepted into the university’s law school that allowed students to work on their law degrees while they are undergraduates. However, after a year in the program, she expressed that writing law was not her true purpose, but to be a writer. In the summer, she attended Oxford University as an exchange student. When she returned to her studies, she dropped out after the first semester and moved north to pursue her dreams. (Biography) Many things were happening when Lee was writing her novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Inequality, racism, and injustice are only parts of what was happening during the time. Lee wrote the book in the 1950s, which was when the Civil Rights Movement was active. The Civil Rights Movement was a peaceful protest against discrimination and racism towards African-Americans. I believe this shaped her writing dramatically in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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