Bonds Ad Analysis Essay

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BONDS - TV Commercial
1. Product name/ brand

Mr George Allan Bond established Bonds in 1915, he was an ambitious American businessman that arrived to Australia in the early 1900’s and followed his dreams. Bonds first began with importing hosiery. Once the company had relocated to Redfern in the western suburbs of Sydney in 1917, Bonds was on the way and had started manufacturing singlets, hosiery, gloves, socks, underwear, sportswear, baby wear and sleepwear, both for men and women.
Parent company: BONDS
Manufactured by: BONDS
Country of manufacture: Bonds manufactures 40% of its goods in Australia at three sites in New South Wales: Cessnock, Unanderra and Wentworthville. The factories produce nearly 17 million
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The product we are selling is very good quality and also has a very respected reputation, a lot of people show interest in the brand. As mentioned prior Bonds has been around for over 96 years so there is really no competition for this product as its trusted.

4. Consumer problems to overcome
There are no consumer problems to overcome. Bonds is a trusted brand.
5. Advertising goal
The aim of our advertising campaign is to increase sales, to promote the company as well as promote product awareness.

The traditional conceptual model for creating any advertising or marketing communications message is the AIDA Model: get Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire, and then obtain Action. Our plan is to get the viewers attention, hold their attention, create desire, prove it’s a bargain, make it easy to buy and give reason to buy it. The commercial will include professional models who will sell the product without actually selling it, the product sells itself, all the models will be dong is being natural and act as they would when they wear their favorite items of Bonds. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.
6. Marketing strategy
A television commercial is the best way to go about advertising Bonds. They are already a very popular and high in demand brand. Bonds have had several advertising campaigns in the past including television ads, ads on the radio, magazines and newspapers. We are trying to expose the brand even

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