Boeing Case Study Essay

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Running Head: BOEING’S e-ENABLED ADVANTAGE 1 Boeing’s e-Enabled AdvantageAdam PierceOhio Dominican University | | BOEING’S e-ENABLED ADVANTAGE 2Could e-Enabling create the kind of sustainable advantage that the airplanes used to provide?Boeing was able to utilize its competitive advantage to produce better airplanes at a better price compared to its closest competition. Boeing dominated the market industry and became a global leader by producing cutting edge products that were better quality than the closest competitor. It wasn’t until Airbus started receiving government assistance from European countries that another …show more content…
For airlines to make a profit and grow the company they have to have one of the previous mentioned factors or both. Although sales are something Boeing or any aircraft manufacturer cannot influence directly, they can certainly help by increasing their margin or by reducing costs (, 2012). Also, by streamlining the planning process and providing real-time crew management decisions helps in direct reduction in airlines operating costs which is a main factor when holding an advantage over the competition. It is believed to be the most effective in improving the efficiency of maintenance operations (, 2012). e-Enabled Advantage offers several key factors that will provide Boeing the advantage to withstand the competition today and for years to come. Not only does e-Enabled Advantage help to reduce overall operating costs of the company, it also helps to reduce the delays and cancellations for individual flights. E-Enabled also provide airline companies with improved passenger service and enhanced security measures. It provides real time information to the flight crew as well as the airlines network (, 2012). What e-Enabled really provides is the overall improved efficiency from top to bottom of the airline industry. E-Enabled

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