Spirit Airlines Supply

Demand and Supply According to Mathews (2015), “Spirit relies on higher passenger volume to grow its revenues, which also brings in more revenue from ancillary services” (para 5). With Spirit Airlines, Inc. putting consumers in control of how they spend their money and allowing them to create the airline package that is most favorable to them is essential. If a couple is traveling for the away for a weekend getaway, and only needs one piece of baggage checked in, with major airlines, they would be paying for it already in the tickets that were purchased. Spirit Airlines, Inc. allows the consumers tickets to be tailored to their needs. Following the decline in airfare prices offered by Spirit Airlines, Inc., it resulted in an increase in the demand for more flights, along with more airplanes. Because they were capable of “accurately forecast business cycle fluctuations in economic growth,” they were successfully able to incorporate the purchases of new Airbuses to be implemented launched in the near future, (Baker College, 2015, p. 8). Because Spirit Airlines, Inc. has proven to be successful following their unbundling technique, other airline companies are …show more content…
From the view of the airline company, how many passengers are able to travel without checking a piece of baggage in? Then there are those passengers who fail to read the fine print and bring along their luggage, their tickets are purchased, are they going to leave their luggage behind? No, they are going to pay the additional fees to ensure their luggage travels with them. According to Snider (2014), Spirit Airlines, Inc., has been known as the airline that nickel and dimes its passengers yet one of the most mentioned positive comments about them is a result of this theory, because there are few passengers that travel with an abundance of luggage, they tend to facilitate the quickest boarding

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