Body Cameras : Changing Communities For Eternity Essays

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Body Cameras: Changing Communities for Eternity
An unarmed black man is killed in Ferguson, a town in the St.Louis metro area by a cop, with no evidence about what happened a community is left with nothing but questions. (And With So Many Questions) Without knowing what happened the community forms it’s own beliefs then, riots the streets, robbing stores and annihilating everything in their paths. A city once filled with serenity is now a war zone that requires riot shields and tanks for survival. Little did they know at the time one small thing could have prevented this entire conflict. Had the officer been equipped with a body camera both the police and citizens would have had an accurate view of the events that preceded. Had this happened the world would have realized the officers innocence, and chaos could have been eliminated before it was ever started. In order to further understand the situation at hand, one must know that body cameras are are worn on the bodies of officers, usually the chest, in order to provide an unbiased view on how events involving officers truly took place. Body cameras are a new age technology that has grown very popular due to a need in society to view the relationship between police agencies and citizens.Officers using body cameras is well within the law as long as they are supported by someone in charge of the individual police force.(Scalise) All police agencies across the United States need to implement body cameras in order to prevent…

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