Go To Go To Be Safe?

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How Far Do We Have to Go to Be Safe?
A Response to Kevin Maney Everyone has heard about the recent stories that have come out about the way police officers have been treating minorities and lower class citizens. The stories haunt us of shootings and malicious attacks based on color. It terrifies the audience because these shootings aren’t thugs or cult-leaders, but the very people who are supposed to keep all of us safe: our police officers. Luckily, people are starting to create solutions to police the police. With the use of body cameras and other technologies, we the people, no longer have to live in fear. Civilians took it upon themselves to use a non-biased form of protection: cameras. Cameras create a second witness that will never lie.
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Maney starts out his article by giving his own experience with the issue at hand. He paints the picture of a young black man being questioned on the sidewalk across from him. Maney writes in his article, “Within minutes, about a dozen people had paused to watch, some pulling out cellphones to shoot video. At first I thought, Wow, these folks are serious voyeurs. But they weren’t voyeurs; they were protectors.” His description of the incident grabs the reader’s attention, sparking their interest. Then, Maney holds their attention by bringing up another incident of brutality, police officers forcing two young black men to their knees in surrender. Maney quickly ties in that they were holding their phones to take video of the incident, forcing the reader into connecting technology, specifically cameras, with heroism and the protection of police-brutality victims’ innocence. Maney uses these newfound connections to lead people into what he truly wants to educate them on: technology. Before wrapping the article up, Maney brings about a situation that would make any respectable person nervous; an idea of individuals constantly wearing cameras and what might happen if that’s the case. He predicts, “Yell at your kid on a street corner in a moment of anger and you might find your vitriol going viral, making you the latest Alec Baldwin …show more content…
Maney does, however, bring up strong examples that appeal to pathos. Kevin Maney’s article, “Even Ferguson’s cops can be fixed with more video”, has wonderful ideas on how to solve the problem of police brutality in America. Overall, Maney has many positive qualities as a writer, however, Maney has some brushing up to do on his ability to express his ideas

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