Blueprint Professional & Personal Growth Part - Managing People & Promoting Collaboration - My Future as a Manager

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Individual Reflection : My Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth
My Future as a Manager & Collaboration Skills
Mariah Kamal
Walden University
December 22, 2013

This paper is my analytic theorem to my Blueprint of Professional and Personal Growth from the course “Managing People & Promoting Collaboration”. It gives a brief breakdown of my path to become a manager I aspire to be, how my relationship with my family, partner and work can be a root of my happiness and how sure I maintain my personal integrity of ethics and morales within my work environment. An executive summary is presented to show how the course educated me in a more systematic way and how it helped me identify my strengths and weakness as
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I would also be able to be impactful as a manager who is able to lead, a leader who is able to communicate effectively, and one who can motivate others, a good manager that has an inspiring values following with ethics and morales at work and with the team memebrs; most importantly I can be a leader who can manage people and resources of an organization effectivtely and efficiently. "Some of the most critical decisions a manager makes involve personal values- how much emphasis to place on the immediate interests of the customer or the long-term interests of the company" (Posner, 2009).
The understanding of effective communication has changed the way I view the job of a manager and the way I can practice collaboration in the organization because it has made me realize that the manager is not just a post or position but a responsibility taken upon oneself to utilize resources in an organization and to make sure that every individual under his control is aware and equipped with all the necessary information and that communication flows to and fro management to employees and between employees in oder to keep all parties involved in tune with organization’s objectives and targets. My goals to be successful and finish with my MBA in the nearest future has grown even more stronger and

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