Case Study: Blue Orb Inc.

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Description of the Company
Blue Orb Inc is headquartered out of Maitland, Florida. Blue Orb Inc bring the world a new product, the OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard. The small private company created by Dr. Peter McAlindon started in 1997. Dr. McAlindon developed the technology for OrbiTouch as an industrial engineering doctoral student at the University of Central Florida (1994). After experiencing repetitive stress injuries in his hands due to typing he researched and designed a keyboard that minimized hand and wrist motions which alleviated pain and lead to more productive use. He eventually realized that it was an excellent piece of technology that could be in the assistive technology arena and that’s how the company was started.
Mission Statement
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Blue Orb Inc will partner with American Foundation for the Blind.
a. This product can open up opportunity for people who have any visual impairments or are blind. Blue Orb Inc will create pamphlets about the product and develop an in-service that will be associated with American Foundation for the blind
b. Blue Orb Inc will begin to donate to this foundation 10% of each product sold.
2. Blue Orb Inc will partner will begin to reach out to corporate companies about the product with a pitch on why the company should consider a contract with OrbiTouch.
a. A panel of OrbiTouch experts will produce a presentation that will appeal to corporate companies who have employees typing at the desk all day.
b. They will pitch the product to various corporate companies
3. OrbiTouch will be made aware to 700 new people.
a. Through new marketing methods and populations, OrbiTouch is projected to reach a high number of new clients of diverse populations with diverse needs.
b. Marketing material will use images that appeal to emotions and move people who know people who can benefit from this device.
c. Marketing methods will include but not be limited to: Social Media, pamphlets and advertisements in magazines and
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Traditional keys are replaced by domes to minimized hand and wrist extension. It can be for anyone with any physical limitations with their wrists, hands or fingers. It is used by people who have arms or hand prostheses, limited use of hands or fingers due to various disabilities including by not limited to: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal cord injury, burn, stroke, cerebral palsy, ect. It is also used by those who are visually impaired, blind, have autism or traumatic brain

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