Blood On Us By George Graham Essay

998 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages

The leaves rustled under Graham’s feet as he hurried along the broken paving stones. He knew what he was doing could come back to haunt him, but he couldn’t stop now. He ran to the edge of the murky water and hesitated. The thought of plunging his hands into the forgotten pool made his skin crawl. Inhaling deeply he reared back and plunged his hands in. Instantly there was a slimy cold sensation that drenched his arms. He held back vomit and turned his head to the side. Time seemed to be speeding up for him as panic set in. What if someone had taken the box? Just as he was about to give into the fear his hand brushed something solid. For a split second he thought it was a trick of his mind, but then he his hands latched onto the object. He hauled it up gasping and falling backwards onto the pool’s edge. Although the item was in his hands he didn’t want to look. He didn’t want to be disappointed by seeing he’d made a mistake. Eventually he opened his eyes and sat up. What he saw made his hands shake with adrenaline. In his hand he held a metal box. It was unmarked except for a tiny piece of algae that stuck to it. He wiped the algae away and set the box down. As the twilight deepened the box seemed to emit a faint glow. This made Graham long to open it, but he knew what that meant. It could mean the end of the world he used to know. But in the end the urge was too strong. He touched the pad of his thumb to the top and held it. Within a few seconds the box…

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