Black Sand Beach Essay

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The black sand beaches in Maui, Hawaii are located on the east side of the island just outside the native town of Hana. The beaches are a very unique place and is a definite must do for anyone vacationing in Maui. The beaches are in a private cove in Waianapanapa State Park, surrounded by 120 acres of lush, tropical forest. Any tourist wishing to discover the Black Sand beaches of Maui should know the history of the island and admire the visual beauty of the beaches and also the hidden beauty in everything. Although the beaches are far away from any other major tourist spot, they are a worthy sight to see and intriguing to almost any eye. The very beginning of the journey to the Black sand beaches is the Road to Hana. The Hana highway is …show more content…
When the tide is high and the waters are rough, a group of blowholes come to life, forcing water feet in the air from the water rushing into the holes. Adding on to the rich history of the black sand beach is the ancient freshwater spring caves. There are many caves of old, volcanic rock, some consisting of freshwater at the bottom and some inaccessible to humans. One of the most famous caves is the center of a local legend that is said to be a rebellious princess who fled to one of the freshwater caves. The only way in was to jump into the freshwater pool at the bottom of the cave. When the prince came searching for his bride, he saw her reflection from the glistening water on the bottom of the cave. Many other local legends like this one add to the unique history of the Waianapanapa black sand beach area, and the caves and blowholes add to the wonders and marvels of this mesmerizingly beautiful area. Other volcanic formations in this area include natural stone arches, resembling a bridge over water, and sea stacks of volcanic rock forming rugged, steep cliffs and bluffs forged by the pounding waves pulled in by the

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