Essay on Black Hair By Gary Soto

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“Black Hair” by Gary Soto has a specific line that reminds me of what an average day in high school for me was like, “The days were dull. I did what there was to do from morning until the bell sounded”. I usually felt this way because, like Soto in his autobiographical story he felt alienated from everyone around him. I am about to tell you my story of a time in my life where I felt shunned by everyone.
I believe it is safe to say that a lot of our four years in high school weren’t the best ones of our life with all the school work, puberty, teen angst, social ladders, and other problems it causes a lot of stress and makes us feel alienated from people and even ourselves. My years were no different in terms of how miserable I was, but I did have some “unusual” circumstances that were irking me and one of them was my own undoing. Despite all the stuff I went through, I managed to learn a very important life lesson from all of it. Probably the main thing that made most of my time in high school unpleasant was me naturally being more mature than my other peers. Not trying at all to brag, it 's true, I’ve been told since I was little by others that I was/am very mature for whatever age I was at the time. I did however manage to make some friends in high school, but most were either teachers or peers who shared my mindset and I would stick around them as much as possible to the point of being annoying. I still felt like something wasn’t right with me despite being able…

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