Black Friday Is Not A Holiday, But An Annual Ritual For Millions Of Shoppers

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Black Friday is not a holiday, but an annual ritual for millions of shoppers (Pruitt, 2015). Technology is vastly changing the world of marketing and sales on Black Friday. To understand how and why Black Friday marketing and sales have been affected by technology, one must understand what these are and how they relate with one another.

The most recent meaning of Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving that millions of consumers embark on a day of shopping, spending time with family and friends, and beginning their Christmas season (Pruitt, 2015). The term Black Friday has had several meanings over the decades. The first documented being 1869 and had nothing to do with shopping. Two Wall Street financiers teamed up to purchase all the gold attempting to drive the price up. On September 24th, 1869, the bottom dropped, sending stocks plumbing down, bankrupting many from Wall Street to the countryside. The true history of Black Friday history does relate to the crowding of thousands of people and shopping. However, the term was not intended to be a positive term. In the 1950s, when Philadephia would host the annual Army-Navy football, the police department would refer to the crowds of people arriving in town on Friday, as Black Friday. Much of the police department could not take off the weekend and have to work extended hours due to the masses of shoppers, traffic, and crimes that invade the city in advance of the game. In 1961, store owners tried to change the…

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