Birthday Day In The Philippines

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I’m playing an intense soccer match with my cousins and neighbors, while playing I see the whole neighborhood, having fun, hearing a baby next door cry while smelling the vomit that was on the floor with a smirk on my face. I take a shot on the goal and all you hear echo is BOOM!! The neighborhood and I started celebrating because of how good that shot was, but I decided to get bottles of water for my friends because they looked thirsty while dripping in sweat. I run on the rough gravel feeling the bumps under my foot.
I arrive to my house I rub my muddy feet on the matt smelling poop and dirt together which was disgusting. I walk inside and smell the adobo, palabok, rice and other Filipino food that was getting cooked for the arrival of my
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don’t worry”
I smell the food that has been waiting for them for the last 3 hours, it smells so good but sadly the news wasn’t so good.
The next day we set up our flights to the Philippines to go attend the funeral. I wasn’t really happy about going because I had to cancel my birthday party, but I didn’t know better. I can feel the sadness in the air when everyone sets up their flight. While my parents are still setting up our flights I go to McDonalds, I walk there and on the way there I see Smart and Final and my grandpa used to buy Hawaiian bread from their everyday and I get the shivers just thinking about it, I keep that in the back of my head and just keep walking.
The next week, my flight is in 5 hours. I’m done packing and waiting on the ride to the airport, I am also ready for the long 18 hour trip to the Philippines. I arrive to the airport and wait in line to check in. It has been 30-40 min in line and I can feel my legs aching and my back beginning to get sore, but luckily we have 3 more people till it is our turn.
Coming off the plane, I feel super tired, sleeping 3/4s of the flight. I smell the gasoline in the air, I walk onto my family 's homeland for the 5th time, but this time I’m old enough to remember most of it. I wait for my luggage at the carousel I call

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