Birth Of The Egg And Sperm Essay

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Conception is the moment where the egg and sperm meet and this is the start of pregnancy. Fertilisation occurs when the sperm cell enters the uterus and moves towards the egg tube. The first trimester which is between 0-12 weeks, occurs at the embryonic stage. On week 3, women will miss their period, the placenta is formed and it will “act as the liver, lungs and kidneys for the embryo and the foetus” Squire (2007) and the amnion sac is also formed where it floats in a liquid called the amniotic fluid around the embryo. An amniotic sac contains and protects a foetus in the womb. A foetus is an unborn human who is more than 8 weeks after conception.
On week 5, a heartbeat is discovered and the embryo is “the size of a small seed” Squire (2007). Week 8 is quite important because this is when the embryo forms organs, eyes, ears and limb buds at the rudimentary stage. The rudimentary stage means at an early stage the embryo starts to develop the basic needs a baby has. At the end of the first trimester which is 12 weeks, the stage is called foetal. This is where the baby is called a foetus and all the body parts exist. The organs are functioning and approximately the foetus is 7.5cm.
In the second trimester, the foetus can hear sounds at 15 weeks. On week 20, the “survival rate of babies born at this stage is very low” Squire (2007), this is because their lungs and other organs aren’t developed enough for them to survive. However, if a baby was to survive, there’s a likely…

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