Birth Control Methods For Women Essay

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As humans in society, having a child has always been a dominant issue in women 's’ lives. A child is a commitment and if unwanted can be a curse upon a woman for the rest of her life. The amount of effort from going to school and work can be stressful enough, adding a baby on top of that could impact a woman’s life in a way that may consume her will to work or go to school. Birth control, at least the pill, has not been readily available for single women up until the recent decades. Birth control can reduce the chance of a woman conceiving a child, some methods more effective and intrusive than others. While other forms have been passed just by word of mouth and proven to be just a myth. There have been many forms of contraceptives invented and without them, especially the pill, women would not be as successful in our society as they are with contraceptives being accessible. Birth control methods can be traced back to Ancient Egypt (1850 B.C.), Roman, and Greek civilizations. Their forms of birth control include chemical barriers and physical barriers. Ancient texts include drinking herbal remedies such as Hawthorn or Ivy intended to sterilise an individual (McLaren, 1990). Some included rubbing herbal ointments on genitals before or after sex, creating a chemical barrier, intended to kill sperm. In Ancient Egypt they used both methods of a chemical and physical barrier - a mix of honey, acacia leaves, and animal dung inserted and uses as a vaginal suppository. In Greece,…

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