Biol 103 Week 7 Discussion Biol103 Week 7 Discussion Essay

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BIOL 103 BIOL103Complete Course BIOL 103 week 1 to week 7 and Final Project
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BIOL 103 Complete Course
BIOL 103 Week 1 Discussion
Topic 1 The Scientific Method
Visit the "Course Content" area, then click on the "Science Learning Center" and finally click on "The Scientific Method Tutorial". After you have read through the tutorial, work on the following exercise:
A group of 10 overweight patients have increased levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Based on this limited information and using the
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2. True or False? The atomic number of hydrogen is 1. 3. True or False? A solution has a pH of 6.8. This pH is acidic. 4. True or False? A buffer adds hydrogen ions into a solution to control the acidity of that solution. 5. True or False? Cereals are a dietary source of carbohydrates. Fill-in-the-Blank
1. The ____________ of an atom contains most of its mass. 2.. The atomic mass (mass number) an atom is equal to the number of ______ and neutrons of that atom. Answer: protons 3. Ions can have a(n) ________ or ________ charge. 4. Sodium chloride is formed as a result of a(n) ___________ bond. 5. A molecule that helps to regulate pH is called a(n) ________. 6. A(n) ____________ is a subatomic particle with a positive charge. 7. A(n)_____________ is an uncharged particle found in the nucleus of an atom. 8. Elements are composed of one type of __________. 9. Many isotopes release ________, small bursts of energy. 10. The strongest bond is the ____________ _______. Two atoms share outer-shell electrons. 11. Organic compounds always have ________ bonds. 12. Water is a biological ________. 13. HCl is an acid because it dissociates to form ________ ions. 14. Buffers remove ________ ions from solution. Short Answer
14. On the pH scale label the ranges for basic, acidic, and neutral pHs. Answer: 0 _____________________ 7 ________________________

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