Biography Of Lois Mcarthur 's ' I Bet The Killer ' Essay

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Once upon a time there was a 22 year old college student who was named Lois McArthur. She was one of a kind for graduating from a college I never heard of called Pimento University, but I digress. She was on and off in some coo coo nonsense relationship with this guy named Ted, I mean who names someone Ted what is he the star actor to the movie Ted? I bet you she dated him because his name was Ted and she thought that he was like a teddy bear. Anywho one day Lois happens to get hit with the boomstick the day before she was gonna leave to California and film them hype movies. I bet the killer was just jealous of Lois and just killed her to make themself feel better. Maybe they wanted to wear her skin and become the Lois, but that might not be the thing cause she wasnt skinned after being killed. (Don 't read the following parenthesis if you don 't want any spoilers.) (Spoilers: Maria did It.) (Too late you read it I know you did.) Continuing from the accidental slip of the murderer 's name I’m sure you are thinking “Ohhhh what kind of essay is this” but I will tell you what this is a fantastic one of a kind essay that deserves bonus points for being one of a kind I know you never read anything like this before. Anyway to continue our story on the murderer (Maria) she was the rival of Lois kinda like Ash and Gary if you know that reference (pokemanz reference 101[bonus points]). At Lois’s lovely house there were signs of what we like to call the “Let me in or else entry”…

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