Murder In Uniform By Lois Simmie

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Lois Simmie wrote the biography of Sgt John Wilson after being interested in the story by reading a book about John Wilson. The book that Lois had read was called Murder in Uniform by Christina Stewart and Lynn Hudson, it told the story of John Wilson but was missing some information. Lois told many people the story, many did not know that the story was a big part of Saskatchewan history, she got the opportunity to write the story and have it published. Lois Simmie traveled to Scotland with the help of her son who purchased a ticket for her so that she could see all of the places she was writing about. Lois Simmie wrote the biography of Sgt. John Wilson with true documents of what really happened with the tragic murder of Polly Wilson, all …show more content…
“This story has fascinated me for a long time, and I finally was compelled to write it” Lois Simmie

Lois Simmie’s purpose to tell the story of The Secret lives of Sgt John Wilson is worthwhile, the reasons for Lois writing the biography has accomplished her purpose for writing the biography.

Lois Simmie gathered important information to write the truth about The Secret lives of Sgt John Wilson. The story fascinated Lois, which caused her to write the story of love and murder. Simmies purpose was to share the story by writing, and to attract the reader’s attention to find out the truth of the crime. Lois Simmies background is Scottish, considering the background of the story Lois felt that it was meant for her to write the biography. Lois Simmie really connected herself to the story by travelling to the historical sites in the
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John Wilson by combing the story and gathering facts from the letter and police files to write an amazing biography. Lois Simmies Story The Secret lives of Sgt. John Wilson is being used for educational purposes and is being studied in grade 12 ELA 30 A. The Secret lives of Sgt John Wilson is teaching Canadians about Saskatchewan’s history. Simmie wanted to tell the story of how John Wilson really felt , and how he betrayed his first wife by not loving her back the way she did, and to not only tell about John Wilsons bad decisions but to tell Pollys side, to share both of their story. Lois Simmie connected herself to the story, her passion for the story lead her to accomplish the book on the anniversary when the real story ended on April 23

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