Biography Of Jacqui Saburido 's Life Changed Forever Essay

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On Sunday, September 19, 1999, at a little past 4:00 in the morning, Jacqui Saburido’s life changed forever. Jaqui and some friends were heading home from a birthday party in Austin, Texas when a drunk driver crossed the center line, hitting the car Jaqui was in, head-on. Two of Jaqui’s friends died at the scene. Jaqui, however, suffered third-degree burns over 60 percent of her body after the car caught fire (Faces Of Drunk Driving). This tragic story soon was known throughout the United States, due to the graphic advertisement created by the Texas Department of Transportation. This digital advertisement flooded social media with the heart-wrenching photo of Jaqui, before and after the accident, depicted with the words: “Not everyone who gets hit by a drunk driver dies.” The obvious focal point of this poster is the large portrait of Jaqui after the crash, who has lost an eye, has burnt and deformed skin, and has half of her nose. This vertical photo takes up almost the whole advertisement, however, there is a small rectangle box near the bottom displaying the picture of Jaqui before her life was turned upside down. Next to this image are the words: “Don’t drink and drive.” The font of both sayings included in this advertisement are bold and easy to read, clearly trying to get the message across. Without even reading the story of Jaqui, I could tell from this advertisement what had likely happened. My heart ached for this girl, whom I have never even met. My heart made me…

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