Biography Of Dahlia Mostafa A Lady With Twenty Two Awards And Grants And Academic Degrees

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Dahlia Mostafa-A lady with thirty-two awards and grants and academic degrees in engineering and psychology
She switched her career from engineering to psychology to help others She is an engineer, a therapist, a life coach, a marriage counselor, a writer, a social media expert, a public speaker, a teacher, and a radio show host. Honored by thirty-two awards and grants, she holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Electronics and Communications Engineering at Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt. Moving to Canada for her graduate studies, she finished the Doctoral degree courses and research in Electrical Engineering at McGill University. After an ample years of experience in engineering, she was exposed to a life-adversity upon which she decided to switch her career to psychology. Currently, she is a Ph.D. Fellow in Leadership, Policy, and Change with an area of focus in Counselling Psychology at Walden University, United States of America. Moreover, half million people from all over the world follows her Facebook fan page.
Dahlia Mostafa is the president and chief executive officer of CLICK Coaching & Counselling Inc. Other than the youth and career coaching, Dahlia is expert in treating anxiety and depression, anger release and anger management, and fear analysis. Being a mother and happily married give her credibility and life experience in addition to her study and research to be a marriage counselor and parental educator. Dahlia’s family picture
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