Essay on Biofuels and the Future

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Ashton Roesbery
GS1140M – 03/23/2014

Bio-fuel, a wonder that hasn’t fully been discovered, but in 20 years, will definitely be the source of all things we use today. Have you ever wondered what there might be in the future? How things will run? With these current standards, how fast we waste NON-renewable energy sources, without bio-fuel, we would be lost completely (not counting other renewable energy). I bet by now you’re wondering how bio-fuel can be so amazing. Well, I will explain that all right here.
1. Poop, Feces, Ca-Ca (Insert other name here)
You must be wondering, “There’s no way he just said that!” I’m here explaining, yes, I am. So I’m pretty sure, you don’t just go about life, thinking, “I
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Currently there are facilities that hold the algae and are “fed primarily with solar energy, fresh or salt water, CO2, and small amounts of nutrients to generate fuel.” 20 years from now I can imagine each of us having our own little “farms” and not having an electric bill.
3. Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil is last but not least. I’m sure you have some sitting in your cupboard just waiting for you to cook with it, so how would you feel if that could be poured in to your tank and run your car? I’ll answer that for you, amazing! Maybe not as a main source but just even an alternative source of fuel, it can be put to many uses. Currently there’s a method in place that involves recycling your used vegetable oil and engine oil, and converting it to white oil, and heavy fuel (Such as jet engines and such). BUT that’s only as of the present. Just imagine what life will be like 20 years from now, it could be converted to be used with everyday cars.

Things don’t always go as planned in life, so of course, none of these technologies may succeed. One thing that may prevent these bio fuels from continuing on is resources, such as money, the economy, access to certain things. If we don’t have the resources to continue developing these wondrous creations, they will just cease to exist, at least until the economy is running smoothly again. Anything can happen, like another Great Depression, nothing is absolutely certain. Another obstacle would be interest. Without

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