Essay about Bill Gates : The King Of The World

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Hello, I am Bobby Gates, the alter ego of William Henry Gates the third, or better known as Bill Gates. Bill is known to be one of the greatest business men in the world today or in all of history. I have managed several companies, been a huge investor in the world’s economy, and was a CEO- Co founder of the world’s largest PC software company Microsoft. I have also written several novels such as, The Road Ahead, Business at the speed of thought, and 6 pack. I have undoubtedly been very successful and many people wonder how someone is able to obtain the high level of success and caliber I have. I Bobby Gates, am here to tell you more about the normality’s of my life, and the things that many people never get to see or understand about me and my beliefs. I have been named the richest man on Earth and many people wish to have money at the dispense I do. I feel that many people resent me because of the large amount of money I have. People don’t always seem to realize the amount of money I give away. In 2000, my wife Melinda and I created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is the largest private foundation in the world that aims to too reduce poverty and enhance healthcare across the globe. In America we are aiming to expand education and to allow better access to technology for all students. Do you know how much money it cost me to start this foundation and maintain it? All the money in this foundation was earned by my wife and I through years of hard work! I Bobby…

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